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Jessica Simonetti

The Gravity of Earthly Things

From the book:

I Started with Waffles and Honey

Come, walk with me

to a land where honey grows

inside combs like—waffles

or wheat wells, made of richer things than

water—is a sky for river salmon.

Dandelion seed pallets float along the top

like constellations, like Aquarius;

like Ursa Major—world disasters:

ballerina sand dooms,

volcanos vomiting inferno,


that broke the world in sectors

like honeycombs

or waffles

or my grandmother’s hands in January

when she forgets to lotion them.

The lotion smells like sweet walnut

or a tart vanilla.


Vanilla vanilla vanilla vanilla

Where can my mind go with vanilla?

What rhymes with vanilla—what looks like vanilla—

what sounds like vanilla

when I scoop a clunk of vanilla ice cream with a spoon?

Dirt. Dirt sounds like vanilla.

The morning my mother tried planting a garden at our new house

and scooped the sandy minerals of soil, and white-bodied grubs,

and rocks that clinked the shovel like a porcelain bowl does a spoon

when you eat all the vanilla, re-earthed grass, worms, beetles sometimes,

and just dirt.

My mother planted Baby’s Breath, wisped and birthed,

And green Bells of Ireland—

bells like a telephone call, or that ringing your ears get

and you get paranoid;

Ireland like whiskey or dry Guinness beer

or freckles, freckles like constellations—like Ursa Major—

like floating dandelion seeds—like river salmon—like water—

like wheat wells—like waffles

—like honey.

Jessica Simonetti is a second-year law student at the University at Buffalo School of Law. She has her Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and English Writing. Her poetry has previously been published in Canto Magazine, Poppy Road Review, Black Poppy Review, and Inside the Bell Jar. She has recently completed a historical fiction novel, called Men of Marigolds, that she is currently seeking a publisher for. After graduation, she plans on pursuing family law or human rights law as well as continue her creative efforts writing poetry and fiction, specifically within the genre of historical fiction.

The Gravity of Earthly Things

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The Gravity of Earthly Things




The Gravity of Earthly Things