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From the book:


These poems, written in the direct, focused style of the classical Chinese, reflect on the beauty of the mountains, rivers, lakes and forests of the Green Mountain State, and express my gratitude for having the extreme good fortune to live among them. May they give you pleasure and inspire your own meditations.

Charles Rossiter, 2018

Bennington, VT


When I woke

this morning

I had the thought

   I hope I live to be real old,

   I want to enjoy this lifestyle

   for a long time.

I had the same thought

last night

when I went to bed.


sometimes it seems

not much happens here,

but the seasons change

just fast enough

to remind you

it does

Green Mountain Meditations

is a 52 page small format hand-stitched paperbook  with spine - $12.00

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Green Mountain Meditations




Green Mountain Meditations




Green Mountain Meditations

Charles Rossiter