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Click here to see Rosaire’s chapbook, Blood and The Word.

From the Introduction:

As always, I struggle with the task of organizing my poems into any sort of coherent whole. My life has taken many twists and turns, contained many varied and rich experiences. There has sometimes been committed engagement with the world and sometimes intentional withdrawal to reflect and refresh. My corresponding mental states, and necessarily my writing, have been just as varied. Like the women in the title poem, there has been “jubilation and sorrow, and everything in between.”

For the most part, I try to write poems that I feel in my bones, that come from a deeper source than intellect. And more and more, I’m aware of connecting with something beyond myself—whether it be my own forebears, ancestors in the broadest sense, or what some refer to as the mind of the world. When I am able to do so, I feel an unmistakable vibration in my body, as if my very bones are singing—hence the book’s title. I hope that as you read these poems, you can also feel that song, in whatever language it speaks to you.

From the book:


Ancient songs

resound in my bones

symphonies of women

from the birth of time

seed and harvest

mystery and bible

jubilation and sorrow

and everything in between









I can hear them all—

the rhythm

the stories,

a woven chorus

singing me whole.

Rosaire Karij grew up in New York City and has lived in Arctic Alaska, Montreal, and the Caribbean island of St. Maarten/St.Martin. She started writing late in life, chronicling some of her journeys in the  2017 chapbook  Blood and The Word (FootHills Publishing). Individual poems were also included in the FootHills Publishing anthology, The Sexuality Poems.  Retired after a long career in women’s health care, she lives in Ithaca, NY where she continues to try to make sense of the world’s song, or failing that, to at least write down some of the notes.


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Bone Song

Rosaire Karij

Bone Song




Bone Song