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Peggy Seely

Click here to see Peggy’s 2016 FootHills book, Wrestling the Ghosts.

Click here for Peggy’s 2012 FootHills Chapbook, Teacups in the Mud.

(Release date September 28)

From the book:

Defending My Tree

Almost every week a truck stops.

Soliciting prohibited; they don’t care.

They see the tree.

Landscapers working down the street.

Once, a sallow-faced, stooped old fellow,

watery eyes pleading, battered pick-up,

hand saw in back as if that could do it.

Two women have a business to build.

I think of a line in a song from Hello Dolly

It takes a woman, a husky woman

The two don’t discourage easily.

I love the privacy, I tell them, hidden

on my porch from passers-by, from the dog lady

I alienated when I invited her pooches

not to pee on my lawn. I love the sounds

of leathery leaves in morning breeze

of cardinals in some sort of bird celebration

of rain pouring through thick and tangled branches.

The women leave their business card.


This guy stays hopeful, appearing every month.

He makes a strong case: disease, fungus

You know that breeze you love so much?

We’re in hurricane territory, Lady.

You want that giant through your roof? Remember

the tornado that blew through?

We’ve been through all this. He’s a hunk.

Dancing eyes. Golden skin. Muscles.

I cross the lawn. I stand close.

The top of my head barely reaches his shoulder.

I tip it back. Our eyes lock.

“Go away,” I say. And he does.

Peggy Seely's writing style has changed over many decades since she began putting her thoughts, imaginings, and experiences on paper. Her more recent work has been referred to as "little stories".  Her words have been widely shared through workshops, small presses, anthologies, and her favorite thing, poetry readings.

This collection, the third released by FootHills Publishing, is nature-inspired. She spends summers beside a small lake in central New York state, winters where beaches are nearby. She says if a flower, tree, bird or animal is even mentioned, you'll find that poem here.



is a 60 page hand-stitched paperbook  with spine - $15.00

(Release date September 28)

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