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From the book:

Blue Mother

The Blue Mother exhales her sweet breath

and bestows the gift of life,

as her children take in her nourishment.

She smiles upon all her offspring

and will protect them

as long as they love and respect her.

Treated with disrespect, however,

the Blue Mother cries acid tears that roll out in waves,

in a punitive wash which can last for years.

She observes the younger children

not showing concern for the elder ones,

as they are decimating their dwelling places.

If angered relentlessly,

the Blue Mother may close her eyes forever,

and we will all perish with her.

What a tragedy it would be

to lose her light to darkness,

her symphony to silence!

Susan was born in North Carolina, and currently resides in southeastern U.S. She is an active member of several literary groups and does public readings of her original poetry at local venues and bookstores.

Susan’s first book, “A Single Woman’s Survival: Hurricane Katrina” is a gripping memoir of her experience, and is available on Amazon.

She is currently working on a memoir entitled “Through the Eyes of a Child”.

“The 7th Rainbow” is Susan’s first poetry book, and she is very proud to present it to you!

The 7th Rainbow

Susan Newton

The 7th Rainbow

is a 36 page hand-stitched chapbook  - $10.00

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The 7th Rainbow




The 7th Rainbow