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Daniel Kerwick

Star Juggler

Daniel "Danny" Farnsworth Kerwick


Cover art by Patricia Kaschalk

Introductory notes by Patricia Kaschalk, Paul Pines and John Roche.

Proceeds from the book will be donated to the New Orleans Musicians' Clinic.

Though suffering from an illness that would prove to be fatal, in April of 2017 Danny returned to Rochester to spend time with his family and help with his beloved father's transition to a nursing home. The poems in this book were written in the last seven weeks of his life during his time there. He never made it back bodily to New Orleans, but the city, its poets, artists, culture and the community that was graced by him will forever consider itself a homeplace for him and his great soul.

    —Patricia Kaschalk

Poet of rivers and rails, poet of backyards and bars, poet of incremental flashes of awareness as it all goes by, all goes by. Jazz poet, street poet, Simpatico bard, raconteur, Rochester poet, NOLA legend; Danny Kerwick was all these and more.

    —John Roche    

His passion for poetry embraced the work of others as fiercely as his own, which marked him as unique in my experience. On my yearly visits to NOLA, Danny became my Virgil.

    —Paul Pines

From the book:

The Writer

morning light shadows

lengthening treeline

till height of sun

reverses nature’s process

to its roots

a punctuation in sky

to walk under

weaving upstream

to a shack by Creekside

tiny falls from shale-ledge

words & worries

emanate from floorboards

a single table

in middle of room

concern for friend

writes cobwebs

spider’s prey trapped

without empathy

we pray hands

collapsed on forehead

write something beautiful

write something

                  for your friend

Star Juggler

is a 40 page hand-stitched chapbook - $10.00.

Proceeds from the book will be donated to the New Orleans Musicians' Clinic.

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Release date 11/20

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Star Juggler


Star Juggler