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  Here is a unique signature for the poetic landscape. A cloudburst of an anthology which comes from the works of many of the poets who have been part of the CLOUDBURST COUNCIL that has met for the past five years at the Gell Center, a site in the Bristol Hills. Met among the green hills which are part of the Finger Lakes Watersheds. When the last glaciers gave up their grip and melted back North, a grasping hand held on and gorged out the beautiful fingers which became blue lakes. Lakes which reflect sky and clouds and a storm coming by too.

  Never real big on “goals” when asked where the purpose lies in gathering together poems and poets, I reply that “I’m interested in gathering together ingredients, sort of throwing them in a pot and seeing what brews.” You could write a book about all the inspiration and friendship among poets that CLOUDBURST has generated. Maybe this anthology is a start.

   Stephen Tills suggested to me we stop thinking about it and put together an anthology of poetry of the CLOUDBURST COUNCIL. He pointed out we had the human resources all in place. With David Landrey and Michael Czarnecki willing to help, it did seem possible. We invited every poet who had attended a council to submit a poem for the anthology from those they had presented there. We also accepted poems “in the spirit of CLOUDBURST.” The response was great and FootHills Press moved the ink and paper to publish the results.

  Here is your literary cloudburst.  

                                                                                                      —Alan Casline                                                                                         March 29, 2017

Table of Contents

Introduction - Alan Casline  

Because God and Country… - George Wallace

These Sparrow Variations - Joe Napora   

The Only Lost Morning - Dwain Wilder   

Teaching Moby Dick - Howard Nelson   

Hunter - Jane Sadowsky     

He came ‘round to - David Landrey    

Artificial Intelligence (an Oxymoron) - Maril Nowak

When a Woman Poet Dies - Patricia Schwartz  

I would have eloped - Marge Merrill    

New Year’s Day - Martin Willitts, Jr.   

Standing on the Route 155 Bridge - Michael Czarnecki

A Walking Tour of Central Europe - Claudia Stanek

Surreality - Bernadette Mayer    

Honors Student - Bob McDonough   

We can’t play Boccaccio because we… - Brian Richards

Deep Understanding - Charlie Rossiter   

I'm Glad My Father's Not Here - Edie Abrams  

Otherness - Leah Zazulyer    

the ghost orchid - ryki zuckerman   

On Ice - Karla Linn Merrifield    

Poets on Oxygen - John Roche    

April has been canceled - Mark O'Brien   

On a Certain Street - Linda Griggs   

Conversation with Aristotle - Martha Treichler  

My Late Mother as a Ruffed Grouse - Will Nixon  

Banana Boat Republic - Martha Deed   

Tales of Markets I Have Known -Phil Good  

Cholent - Judith Kerman     

Archimedies - Helen Ruggieri    

Death Sentence - William Heyen    

At the chopping block bar - Paulette Swartzfager  

The Archivist - Leslie Gerber    

Recollection - Alifair Skebe    

In Several Languages, We Almost Meet - Stephen Ellis

IV - Craig Czury      

Maggie: Camden, Maine, 2012 - Colleen Powderly  

who. what. when. where. - Stephen Baraban  

Polarity on a Deep October Day -Alan Casline  

Address Unknowable - Steve Tills   

Errand with Stranger - Theresa Broderick   

Cloudburst (Breakthrough) Limerick - Andre Spears

Self-Mocking Bird - Stephen Lewandowski  

First Foray / First Stab— An... - Michael Peters  

Packing My Bag to Attend a Council of Poets - John Berry

The Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy - Ken Warren  

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