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Poems in celebration of birds

Edited by Eric Rounds and Bart White.

104 poems by 79 poets.

FootHills Publishing sent out a call for poems inspired by birds. Some 200 poets responded, sending close to 500 poems. The result is Birdsong: from word game to haiku, sonnet to prayer, poets respond to the sights and sounds of birds. Hummingbirds, mockingbirds, gannets, mallards, robins—all fly, nest, and sing their way through the collection. Red-winged blackbirds and crows flock. Hawks and owls hunt from forest and field to suburbia and New York City. The great blue heron evokes many varied responses. In Birdsong, experience a year of birds—from one spring to the next—as seen and heard through the eyes and ears of poets from across the country.

Table of Contents

Preface I

Preface II

Untitled M.J. Iuppa

The Praise of Birds Paula Schulz  

Ornithology Dawn Paul

Redwings Roy Hartwell Bent

Notice Karla Huston

My Demoiselle Crane Alicia Hoffman

First Bird (Reprise) Mischelle Anthony   

Best Laid Robin Plans Jim Jordan

Unhinged Heather H. Thomas

The Zen of Watching Warblers Kristen Lindquist

Limelight Laura Glenn

Birdsong Mimi Moriarty

Some One Kitty Jospé

Northern Mockingbird Mary Pinard

The Mockingbirds of Orlando Karen Middleton

Night Flight Jane Sadowsky

Cardinal Alicia Hoffman

Ten Ways of Looking at a Cardinal... Paula Schulz

Indigo Bunting Joan Colby

Grackle Joan Colby

Seeing Grackle John Berry

The Second Story Laura Glenn

Safety and Numbers Bruce Bennett

Ardea herodias Nancy Dafoe  

Moving, Being Moved Sandra Fees

How Robins Bathe Jim Jordan

Public Bath Mary Pinard

Carp Held by an Osprey in Flight David Forman

The Seagull's Position Fran Isaac Gilmore  

Origami Susan Richmond  

God of Sea Ducks Kristen Lindquist

(A lone lean gull) Terri Klein

Gannets Susan Richmond

Seven Sisters Elizabeth Khan

Hargila Mary Hood

Nest of Eagles Steve Coffman

The Bee Hummingbird Karla Linn Merrifield

Accidental Birds Wallace Kaufman

Mulberries Ann E. Michael

Ring-Necked Woodpecker Barrett Warner

On Marriage After Divorce Elizabeth Johnston

The Blue Peacock Carmine Dandrea

On Finding a Dead Vulture Beside… Elizabeth Johnston

Hoot William Heyen

To the Poet Who Pets Chickens Karla Huston

The Arrival Hilary Sallick

Whippoorwill Charles Chase

Why We Found Three Swallows Polly Brown

Brown-Headed Cowbird Charles Weld

Cowbird’s Contribution to the Conference... Steve Myers

To a Mourning Dove Beth Seetch

Keepsake Bart White

Color Lorrie Jayne

Waking to Birds Leah Zazulyer

Northern Harrier Charles Weld

Raptor Inga M. Potter

Gray Thief Laurie Wilcox-Meyer

On Cedar Street Polly Brown

(at sunset) Paul Lobo Portugés

Hunt at Spitfire Dale Hobson

Heron Mind Tom Nicotera  

Western Meadowlark Gayle Lauradunn

In-N-Out: Austin, Texas Brian Garrison

Two Lucky Birds on Luana Street Mary Strong Jackson

Bird on Bird Bruce Bennett

Bird Kathryn Howd Machan

Wrensong Stan Galloway

Goldfinches Martha Treichler

Mint Floss Joanne DeSimone Reynolds

Generations Eric Rounds  

Wild Articulation Sandra Fees

Redwing (No Metaphor) Edward A. Dougherty

Time to Leave Phyllis Wax

Waiting for Fox P. A. Pashibin

Homage, Orby Head Susan Richmond

A Bayou Near Brinkley, Arkansas Martha Deed

Words to the Wise Helen Ruggieri

Three Crows Michael Czarnecki

Free Association Mary Fitzpatrick

The Starlings Ethel Paquin

Now in October Iris Miller

(Stubbled fields at rest) Darleen Abbott

(vultures swarm above) Paul Lobo Portugés

On the Bluff Above Grandfather Falls CJ Muchhala

Philosophy for the Shallow Howie Good

At Alewife Reservation in November  Hilary Sallick

(A lone fisherman)  Darleen Abbott

Winter Comes ~ A Ramble Mary Fitzpatrick

Four CJ Muchhala

Owl’s Winter Bernard Quetchenbach

Midwinter Cathie Sandstrom  

Midwinter Andrew Vogel

The Passage of Winter Dawn Paul

Suddenly at Dusk Charles Chase

Mid-January Noon, Thaw,… Patricia Roth Schwartz

The Country, Mid-January Steve Myers

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Girl Marilyn L. T. Klimcho

Alek Therien’s Chickadees Charles Weld

Starlings Bernard Shore

The Crows Fly into Town at Dusk Howard Nelson

Two Hawks (St. Valentine’s Day) Terri House

Getting Back to the Woodpecker George Steele

Passing the Pines in Shirtsleeves… John Berry

Hold All Lovely as a Bird Dwain Wilder

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