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Bruce Bennett

Our Rough Beast

OUR ROUGH BEAST is a sequel to THE DONALD TRUMP OF THE REPUBLIC, published by FootHills in May, 2016. That book was, alas, prophetic. OUR ROUGH BEAST attempts to chronicle what the year since the 2016 Election has been like.

Click Here to see The Donald Trump of the Republic.

      From the book:


A day without The Donald

is something fine and free.

It’s like a paid vacation

to somewhere by the sea.

It’s like a walk in sunlight

on white and sparkling sand,

or skimming on the water

just out of sight of land—-

But then, the spell is broken.

You hear that grating voice.

You see that smirking visage.

You haven’t any choice.

You’re back amidst the rubble.

The streets are garbage-strewn.

There’s shrieking from loud speakers.

You won’t be leaving soon.

With nerves all raw and fraying,

condemned to high alert,

you’re subject to The Donald,

neck-deep in muck and dirt!


      Two flunkies brought an

Emperor some undergarments

and a robe.

      “What are those for?”

he asked querulously.

      “Well, Sir… Well…”

      They glanced at one

another, averted their eyes,

and shuffled their feet.

      “Well, Sir,” one of them

began again.

      “… it’s been brought

to our attention that …

that…” the other went on.

      They glanced at one

another once more, then

concluded in unison.

      “Well, that you’re


      “What the fuck!” the

Emperor exploded. “How the

fuck could I have become

fucking Emperor if I was

fucking naked?”

      Moral: A whole lot of

people have been asking

that very same question.


                      (see Blake’s A Poison Tree)

I was angry with my Prez;

I told my good friend with a fez.

He told me he was angry too,

And said he wondered what to do.

I said, “Do nothing. It will pass.

The man’s a blowhard and an ass.

He’s got the mindset of a toad.

Just leave him and he will implode.”

My friend said, “That is fine advice.

But meantime I must pay a price.

I have to hide out in my house

And guard my children and my spouse.”

And then I saw that he was right,

And so I got up in the night

And wrote this poem for all to see.

And now they’re coming after me!

Bruce Bennett hopes fervently that OUR ROUGH BEAST is his final Donald Trump chapbook. But, if necessary, he is resolved that THE TRUMPIAD will march on.

Our Rough Beast

is a 44 page hand-stitched chapbook - $10.00.

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Our Rough Beast


Our Rough Beast