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124 page book with 45 poems and 59 black and white photos.

    I can see that many poems are strong.  There is a restless energy also

    in the stone gardens.... I want to see this book printed.  I am convinced

    the interesting and good stuff dominates.  I think you can contribute to

    the awareness of stones and ice in a new way. (I am very fond of your

    "Black Ice".)   Your photographs were wonderful.

Tomas Transtromer, Vasteras, Sweden 17 April '87

From the book:


 For my father

Once in a sunrise revelation a childhood

before snow

only on the chosen of bays

the deepest lake

will freeze

to glass—black ice

the surface

of space—too fast for iceboats

lifting off

too thin in the moongroans

thundering underneath


to remember: games with the boy I was

opening my arms


on skates—the late geese keening

skeining low

toward the steaming blue deep

their strange

soothing sounds—

geese mate for life—

their cries

their calls

almost ours

On reading Tom Jones’ first collection of poems, No Prisoners (Skeptic Magazine Press, 1976), Archibald MacLeish (also a poet and lawyer) wrote to the author: “You have that rarest thing in the modern world—an ear.  And you have been where you have been, which is the next rarest.”  More than one hundred of his poems have been published in literary magazines and anthologies, including The Nation, The New Republic, and The Yale Review.

After twenty-two years teaching, writing and living on the Navajo Nation, in June 2014 Mr. Jones retired from teaching and has since devoted himself to both poetry and photography with the creation of his TOM JONES PHOTOGRAPHY website, tomjonesphoto.net; publication of BEYOND EXISTENTIALISM; and juried selection by nine different jurors of four color and six black and white photographs for nine juried fine art photography exhibitions.

Beyond Existentialism is a 124 page hand-stitched book with spine containing 45 poems and 59 B&W photographs.   $20.

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Beyond Existentialism




Beyond Existentialism