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Michael Czarnecki

there is only this moment


This is the second collection of some of my Daily Spontaneous Poems that I’ve been writing and posting on Facebook since 8/22/14. The first book, wild voices come when they will, was released in September of 2015.

The poems contained in this book were written in the year since wild voices come when they will was published. Each of these poems was posted on Facebook just as it was written, spontaneously, with no editing whatsoever. That is how they appear in this book, just as written. The only change I’ve made is to omit the number and date that accompanied each poem as it was posted. That information seemed irrelevant for the book.

The poems that comprise there is only this moment were selected by a good friend, Gwen Zimmerman. She read through the daily poems and actually came up with two groupings; this one, which she labeled loosely “transcendent” poems, and another that were “nature” centered. This book only contains the poems that were part of the former group, though there are also references to nature in many of them.

I continue to post Daily Spontaneous Poems on my Facebook page, along with Daily Photographs. (The cover photo is one of those Daily Photos.) As of today, I’ve posted 879 poems and 1371 photographs. I occasionally miss a day, but not very often. Each of these endeavors has become a daily practice for me, whether I’m home on Wheeler Hill or somewhere out on the poetic road across America. I hope you enjoy this poetic part of my practice.

Michael Czarnecki—Wheeler Hill, March 30, 2017

From the book:

firsts are notable

first frost

first snowfall

first robin

first library card

first date

first kiss

first lovemaking

first job

first marriage

first child

first car accident

first brush with death

first moment of doubt

first ah-ha moment

so many firsts

yet so many lasts

we’re never aware of

till much too late


these poems are written for me

these daily creations a practice

something rare in my life

so too, daily photos, another practice

done more for me than anyone else

yoga didn’t draw me to practice

meditation didn’t draw me to practice

daily journal didn’t draw me to practice

yet, these daily spontaneous poems

these daily taken photographs

a practice become necessary

for me, yet shared beyond me

hoping others get something from

these practices that have become

essential in my life

there is only this moment

is a 68 page hand-stitched paper book with spine.  $12.00

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there is only this moment




there is only this moment