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Wrestling the Ghosts

Peggy Seely

To see Peggy’s 2012 FootHills chapbook, Teacups in the Mud, click here.

From the book:

Susquehanna River in the Street


Rowboats where cars should be.

A yapping dog struggles while a boy

fights to hold on without tipping over.

A flowered couch floats by.

People lean from other windows

voices pitched high.

Straight across, wide cardboard begs

HELP I’M SICK, letters smeared

from rain still falling.

Clouds the colors of spoons, of concrete,

of shadows, hang like water balloons,

like jelly bags full of purple grapes,

low and lower. Beside me on a chair

piles of little white paper squares

to cover numbers on bingo cards.

I'd torn along all perforations, amusement

through long dark hours while grown-ups

pondered what to do next.

I had no reason to be afraid; I was with

Mom and my Aunts, even Grandma

for their weekly ritual in the second floor

room above Bixby's Dry Goods.

Bingo come hell or high water.

I couldn't be left home alone.

Baby-sitter not in our vocabulary.

As windows went black, I nestled

on a pallet of their coats, the linger

of moth balls in my nose, secure

among those who came to the game tonight

hoping to beat the odds.


Peggy Seely’s desire to become a published poet began when her uncle, a type-setter for the Times Leader newspaper in Wilkes-Barre, PA (her birth-place) printed one of her childhood poems: “The lovely Spring season is finally here,

the sky is so blue, so bright and clear...”etc.

Fortunately she began to read and read and read, thus learning from Robert Frost, Ted Kooser, Billy Collins, Mary Oliver, Peter Meinke, Natasha Trethewey and many others.

Three quotes in particular have guided her evolution as a poet:

“Poetry begins when not only the reader but also the author starts wondering whether it is poetry.”  Vera Pavlova

“Perhaps no person can be a poet, or can even enjoy poetry, without a certain unsoundness of mind.”  Thomas Babington Macaulay

“Recipe for the upbringing of a poet: as much neurosis as the child can bear.” W. H. Auden

Wrestling the Ghosts

is an 88 page hand-sewn paperbook with spine. $16.00

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Wrestling the Ghosts




Wrestling the Ghosts