Earthstars, Chanterelles, Destroying Angels

Walt Franklin

From the book:

Earthstars, Chanterelles, Destroying Angels

Ten-thousand shapes

colors and sizes—fungi

grow from the earth’s moist skin,

from the duff under oak and pine, or open sky.

Soft bodies, fleshed from irrepressible forms,

erupt from mycelium, the rootlets underground.

This life, wonderful and various,

is gilled, bracketed, bulbous, or tubed

a kingdom moved from spores

by wind and water.

If we eat it we can find

delight or death, or nothing at all.

Earthstars, Chanterelles, Destroying Angels—

may have housed the ancient gods

and goddesses, may have roofed

the sky of Heaven, may have formed

the lava carpet of Hell.

Mushrooms: poems

waiting beneath my skin

for networks of sound and shape

to meet the page and the ear.

Myriad poems await

a life in the light, to name

the spirits of this place.

Walt Franklin is a German-born American poet, educator and naturalist who lives in upstate New York with his wife, Leighanne. He fly-fishes, hikes, and finds himself involved with various environmental restoration projects. His many books of poetry and prose include Beautiful Like a Mayfly (Wood Thrush Books, 2015), Sand & Sage (Great Elm Press, 2010), and The Wild Trout (Nightshade Press, 1989). An active blogger since 2011, Franklin's Rivertop Rambles can be read at

Earthstars, Chanterelles, Destroying Angels

is a 72 page hand-sewn paper book with spine. $15.00

Release date 3/3/16

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Release date 3/3/16

Earthstars, Chanterelles, Destroying Angels




Earthstars, Chanterelles, Destroying Angels




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