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Springfed Chapbook Series
Springfed Chapbook Series

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FootHills Publishing is seeking submissions for a series of chapbooks that features poets who have not yet published a book or chapbook of poetry. Since its inception, FootHills Publishing has released over 250 books and chapbooks of poetry.

The Springfed series is intended to help give exposure to those poets who have not yet been published in book form. That was the main reason FootHills Publishing was formed in 1986. Now, over 20 years later, we still emphasize that original intent. Each title published in the Springfed series will be limited to no more than 24 pages and 100 copies. The purpose of the series is to help get unpublished poets into print and then for those poets to use that publication as a stepping stone for moving further down the poetic path.

Each poet who is accepted for publication in the Springfed series will receive 10 free copies of the chapbook as payment. There is no financial commitment expected of any poet whose work is published by FootHills Publishing. We started FootHills Publishing as work of the heart. It still is, but we hope it can continue to be at least self-sustaining. What we do expect is a commitment to help sell the chapbooks. Towards that end, each accepted poet should provide us with a mailing/e-mailing list of people we can send notices of publication to. We will notify them of your chapbook's availability and they can order if they so choose. Each poet can also purchase additional copies of the chapbook at a 50% discount, though there is no obligation to do so.  Chapbooks will be hand-stitched using quality stock and will retail for $6.00.


Important News About Submitting to FootHills

We are interested in seeing complete manuscripts, not samples of your writing. The page limit for chapbooks in the Springfed series is 24. This means there will be a maximum of 19 pages of poetry, assuming a dedication page. If there is no dedication there can be 21 pages of poetry. Manuscripts of less than 19 pages of poetry will also be considered. A poem of more than 40 lines will most likely take up two pages of the book. Keep this in mind when selecting poems for the manuscript. Also, please submit your manuscript in the order that the poems will appear in the book, along with a title for the collection.

Submissions should be sent as a Microsoft Word attachment if possible. If not, send the poems in the body of an e-mail. We are not accepting submissions by regular mail.

If accepted for publication we will need additional information from you - bio material, mailing list, etc. Please do not send that info along with the submission.

Send all submissions to:

Thanks for your interest!
Michael Czarnecki