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Kathleen Jo Zimmerman
Diamond Arrow Dreams
Springfed Chapbook Series #70

Kathleen was born in Texas and presently resides in central NY with her spouse and four children. Her college career was at State University of New York in Oswego from 1979-81, where she studied sculpture.

Kathleen is active in church and community. Some activities she is passionate about are watching for rainbows, picking wildberries in the sunshine with her baby, writing songs, poetry, and skywatching.

From the book:


Union of spirits, union of friends
Union of feelings, union of blends
United in peace, together in war
Remain undivided
What is this for?
Share all our spoils, share all the pain
Give up the old ways, here comes the rain.
Dissolve all the hard lines, make them all run
See what is left there,
Sorrow undone.
Joy in the cold air, laughter in flight
Solace in union, mystery of night.
Guessing game interest, arrive at dead end
Spinning wheel pot hole
Letters to send
Rocky way uphill, mud puddle below
Frozen ice melts, beginning the flow
Carry the pieces of dirt on the ground
Back to the ocean
Become the sea sound

Diamond Arrow Dreams
is a 24-page hand-stitched chapbook.

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