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Submitting to FootHills Publishing

FootHills Publishing is a small family-run press that recently entered the third decade of operation. Interest in our work has grow tremendously. We are having a difficult time keeping up with the manuscripts we have already accepted and getting around to considering the new submissions.

Beginning Sept. 1, 2007 we will be

I do not want to get buried further under the mountain of manuscripts
and until I feel they are getting into some semblance of organization we will not accept submissions after September 1 until further notice. The only exception will be for poets who I have discussed or corresponded with about a manuscript. There will be no closed period for submitting those works. All other submissions will be returned.We will also be open for submissions to any antholgy we are working on.

I hope to be able to reopen
submissions sometime in 2008, but there is a possibility of extending the closed period indefinitely.

I apologize for the inconvenience. If you have been considering submitting to FootHills, try to do so this before August 31.

Each poet who is accepted for publication by FootHills will receive 10% of the run as payment. There is no financial commitment expected of any poet whose work is published by FootHills Publishing. We started FootHills Publishing as work of the heart. It still is, but we hope it can continue to be at least self-sustaining. What we do expect is a commitment to help sell the books. Towards that end, each accepted poet should provide us with a mailing/e-mailing list of people we can send notices of publication to. We will notify them of your chapbook's availability and they can order if they so choose. Each poet can also purchase additional copies of their book at a 50% discount, though there is no obligation to do so.

What I have learned over the years is that poetry is a hand-sell. There are only so many big name poets whose books are looked for in stores. The most successful selling books we have had are by poets who go out into the world with their books. Poets who give readings and let people know they are a poet, who always have books with them, sell books! You don't have to be a salesperson, just a poet who is not shy about being a poet.

We prefer submissions as MSWord attachments. Please send a complete manuscript and not just a few sample poems or query letter. Have the poems in order and contained in one document, not a separate document for each poem. Bios are not needed as we judge manuscripts solely on the basis of content.

We will respond as soon as possible, but if you haven't heard from us after 45 days or so please send a gentle email reminder, it helps.