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Springfed #59

On Any Given Day
Carol McMahon

Carol McMahon was born and raised in Syracuse NY but currently resides in Webster, NY with her husband and three children.  She is a teacher at Williamson Middle School and keeps sane by reading, writing and running. She has been writing poetry since second grade when she first penned the classic poem, "My Dog Chip".

From the Book:

Feelin' Groovy

My daughter wore my old skirt to school.
Her third grade class was studying the 60's.
I told her the skirt was ten years too young,
but it had the right attitude.
Flowery panels of calico
inset between faded Levi's leg seams,
ripped pockets, ragged patches.

She came home singing pop hits
and making peace signs.

I wanted to ask her where in the curriculum
were napalm, race riots, amputees and acid.
Instead I sang All Along the Watchtower
and air-guitared a Hendrix riff.

When I wore that skirt,
I didn't know any better either.

Hand-stitched chapbook.
Six Dollars.



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 Springfed #60

The Starting Lineup
Naimon Lyons

Naimon Lyons is a member of the Westside Writers Club in Westlake, Ohio and currently associates with the Berks Bards in Reading, PA.

From the book:

My Words

These words are mine
But I'm sharing them with whomever will listen
Keeping terms above suspicion
Well in tune
On time
And on my mission

These notes are mine
But I'm sharing their motivation
With whoever will move
I'm tired of sharing shadows
Sharing doubts and fears
It's time to pass along some faith and hope
I'm tired of only spreading tears

These words are mine
But I want you to make them your own
You will only harvest
The seeds your hands have sown
When you get tired of sharing shadows
You can step out into the light
Find your faith and grow your hope
A brighter day can follow any dreadful night

These words are mine
But I want you to make them your own
You will only harvest
The seeds your hands have planted
And that your heart has grown

Hand-stitched chapbook.
Six Dollars.

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 Springfed #61

This and That
Pamela Grove

Pamela Grove was born in Europe, adopted during infancy and brought to NYC where she has lived almost her whole life.  Other big life events were going to Woodstock, recovering from an addiction, being part of a complex family which includes having a daughter and reuniting with her birth mother and finally, finding a career she values.  Currently, she is Director of Programs at the Coalition for the Homeless.  

She began to write so she could devote some time just to herself and avoid job burnout.  So far, it seems to be helping.  Other activities she enjoys are jogging, reading psychological murder mysteries, watching movies, listening to really loud music and spending time with family and friends. She plans to relocate to Long Island later this year as part of a trend to slow down and smell the ocean air.  Her red cat Maggie will also make the move.

From the book:

Smiles on the Train
He wore a shirt
Just right for the subway air
It boasted big
Blue pineapples
(As if shaken from a tree
Although that is not where they live)
Pale yellow cotton
Like sweet butter
Without the grease

When he smiled
His smile missed some front teeth

She wore a palette
Of pastels
Accessorized with a red Elmo
Whose cushy belly
She pressed
So he could introduce himself
As she exhaled a single tone
Like a yogi
Without the years

When she smiled
Her smile lost some front teeth

When I smiled
My smile filled the gaps

Hand-stitched chapbook.
Six Dollars.

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