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Mike James

     Mike James is the author of four previous collections of poetry: Not Here (Green Bean Press, 2000), All Those Goodbyes (Talent House Press, 2001), Pennies From An Empty Jar (Another Thing Press, 2002) and Nothing But Love (Pathwise Press, 2004).  His poetry has been widely published throughout the United States in such magazines as Main Street Rag, 5 AM, Poem, and Paper Street.  Although a native of the rural south, Mike now lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with his growing family.    

From the Book:


say nice things about me     jack said

tell everyone that i loved
black olives
sinclair lewis and the early work of
philip guston

my secrets were numerous and
avowedly profane

only once in my life did i quote
rick flair
(the greatest wrestler of all time)

the quote is in greek
and untranslatable

tell people i always said
what i thought
i never danced around a subject
like a bird around a tree

that's not true, but it is how
i would like to be remembered

surely, you can see that

The Budget

my wife calls us
"involuntary vegetarians"

what she means is
these days
it is not steak
and lobster
but rice and salads

it is coffee
on the back porch
for dessert

it is playing cards
in the evening
and watching the stars
at night
to see how they
change in number

it is how things
lately are
in this vegetable world
that changes

with phone calls
and bill collectors
and sighs

Alternate Endings is a 36 Page hand-stitched chapbook.

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