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The Camouflage

of the Known

(Proverbs and Old Idioms)

Mary A. Hood

Each poem in this collection has at least one old proverb, an old idiom or adage embedded within the poem or as the title. Such old sayings, often overlooked or even dismissed because they are so familiar, resemble many of the common things around us, because they too are camouflaged in the veil of familiarity. It is the hope that these poems remove the disguise of the common place and present a different perspective on the old themes of beauty, desire, memory and truth.

From the book:

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

A letter from the past seeking absolution arrived

opening up old wounds and dredging up feelings

of abandonment and grief. Good reasons were

presented. Finely crafted explanations outlining

cause and effect reminded me how our actions

are always in our own self-interest and how

we narrate our lives to suit ourselves.

Now I understand why the past is sometimes best

left undisturbed and unremembered

and if you live long enough all the old platitudes

will hammer you with their acrid wisdom.

The Camouflage of the Known

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