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Love, Lust

& Loss

Melissa Liberatore

From the book:

Bottom of the Cup—Sediment                                                                                         

Coffee rings on the counter top

a reminder of how much I struggle

to cast aside your flaws.

How much my blood boils

that you couldn’t wipe up

the remnants of yourself

Always leaving it for me,

piling on the resentment,

the unease, the desire

to set it all on fire.

But I can’t put my finger on

when the flame burned out.

Just stone cold ashes—dirty,

a sad pile we left behind

as we crumbled, forgetting

all about the passion the flames

used to ignite.

Love, Lust & Loss

is a 40 page hand-stitched chapbook - $10.00

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Love, Lust & Loss




Love, Lust & Loss