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These poems are my soul’s journey.  I was a victim of incest, which I had shut out of my consciousness growing up.  After much counselling, I found the voice of poetry as a way to help me work out much of my pain and anger.  It was not a “#METOO” era.  Poetry, indeed, saved my life and opened up a whole new world, a world within my control.  I took several college courses that opened more fully for me the power of poetry, how words can, indeed be like potions, bringing together truths that helped me feel more in control of my life.  Since that time, I have written of many areas of my life as wife, mother, grandmother, friend, citizen.  These poems share my inner world of pain and joy and the complexities of life that join them both.  I hope you can find some truths that have meaning in your life as well.  It is my joy, privilege and desire to share them with you.


The heart lives

deep within,

its bread,

its wine

held in containers of dirt and clay,

hand-formed smelling of sky

and dung


into vessels

of memory

a song, a breath

a scent like darkness,

sky hooks bringing

down the sun, the moon’s

thin sickle over the lake

shadows deep as hell’s gate

a hand on the breast

that reaches within

quickens the beating,

brings two together

into one


the mystery

of separation

brings all

into the weaving.


Carol Corkum Daugherty was born and raised near Buffalo, New York.  She first felt the impact of poetry in the 11th grade but didn’t formally study it for many years, taking time for marriage and the raising of her four children.

It was in her early forties that the incest of her past emerged and she found poetry to be a very strong vehicle to deal with that pain.

Since that time she has turned to poetry as a vehicle to express and deal with the joys and sorrows of the life she lives. It is her joy.  Her other joy is reading it.

The Weaving

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The Weaving




The Weaving




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The Weaving

Carol Corkum Daugherty