Table of Contents

I. Dreams, Intuitions, Prophecy

Rich Follett

 no reply 1

Rachael Ikins

 Marked 2

Gene Grabiner

 Spirit Bear 3

Mary Strong Jackson

 Dreaming in Grief 4

Maureen Teresa McCarthy

 Dawn  Shadows 5

Laurinda Lind

 Terminus 6

Jenni Fallein

 The Golden Years 7

Gene Grabiner

 Cousins 8

Maril Nowak

 Coral Orgy 9

Alice Edwards

 Memento mori 10

Mary Hood

  Entering the Fjord 12

Mary Newell

 Bank Tangle 13

Mark Roper

 Where Does It Hurt 14

Steve Coffman

 Through Nature's Eyes 15

Kathy Philpot

 Moonshine 16

Mark Roper

 Nightingale and Cello 17

Michael Brady

 Conversation in the Fall 18

Dwain Wilder

 The Only Morning We Lost 19

II. First Evidence

David James Delaney

 Why So Many Bees Are Dying 21

Nancy Taylor

 Once 22

Sherri Bedingfield

 Shallows 23

Michele Brown

 I could tell you 25

Rachael Z. Ikins

 24 Hours, November 27

Maureen Teresa McCarthy

 No Longer Home 29

Rachael Ikins

 Waiting for Bees 30

Dane Ritter

 Spoil 31

William Heyen

 Carapace 32

III. Recognition & Alarms

Maril Nowak

 The Difficulty of Water 33

Gretchen Schulz

 River Rats 35

Robert Milby

 Naping the Garden of Eden... 36

David Thomas

 Summer of Fire 37

Mary Newell

 Eating Seafood on the Hudson 38

Diane Ray

 Orca Requiem 40

Katharyn Howd Machan

 Hurricane Unicorn 41

Heather Thomas

 Song Of The Sixth Extinction 42

Mary Dudley

 Greta 43

Timothy Fab-Eme

 Blues and the Anatomy of Loss 44

 Those About to Die 45

Gayle Lauradunn

 Death of Humboldt 46

 On a Meaningful Day 47

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Karla Linn Merrifield

 Real #1 48

Timothy Fab-Eme

 Unrequited Love and the Smell of Grief 49

IV. Feints & Resistance

Timothy Fab-Eme

 It’s Not My Business 53

Lisa Wujnovich

 Storm Notes 55

Laura Glenn

 Traveling Heavy 56

Kathy Philpot

 Lacrimosa 58

Craig Czury

 Swamp Haiku 59

Martha Deed

 Ice Taxis on the Hudson 60

Bruce Bennet

 Bad News 61

Jason Crane

 Walnut Spring 63

Laura Glenn

 Falling Asleep with the Radio On 64

Alan Weltzien

 Earth Day 2018 65

Emeline Rodway

 Enough 67

Jason Crane

 I’d like to teach the world 68

Leah Zazulyer

 Climate Change 69

Tim Fab-Eme

 Folly and the Inanities of Greed 70

V.  Responses & Visions

Bart White

  Sing, Mary 71

Gene Grabiner

 Up North 72

Katrinka Moore

 No light, but rather darkness visible 73

Gerald Schwartz

 Posthumous Nocturne 74

Katharyn Howd Machan

 Trilobite Unicorn 75

Diane L. Moser

 Through the rippled glass 76

Mary Strong Jackson

 Symbiotic Parasitism 77

John Roche

 Joe the Climate Refugee 78

 Dragonfly 79

Maril Nowak

 How the Surging Blues 80

Ann Spiers

 Cigarette Lighters 81

 Ways to Cook Rice 82

Anna Staton

 This Is War 83

Bart White

 Inheritance 84

G.E. Schwartz

 What Happened At Long Pond Road 85

William Heyen

 Voices 86

Jessica Goodfellow

 Lexical Gaps in the End Times 87

Gretchen Schulz

 Take Your Carbon Socks Off 88

Jennifer Maloney

 The Legend of Princess Frog 89

Laurinda Lind

 This Togethering 92

William T. Langford IV

 Avatars 93

David Michael Nixon

 Deep Water Days 95

Mary Strong Jackson  

 The Power of Toad 96

Kaye C. Newbury

 The night before I left my hometown for good 97

 Lasting Wish 98

Caperton Tissot

 Where Man Stands 99

Julene Waffle

 To Live Deeply 100

Civilization in Crisis is a passionate cri de coeur, a warning, and also a rich celebration of nature and the beauty of our fragile world.

    —Laury A. Egan, author of The Sea & Beyond

“In such dark times, it is poems like these that will turn us from battling the earth and call us back to acts of nurture.”

    —Mike Burwell, author of Cartography of Water

   and co-editor of the literary journal Cirque.

Here you will find poems of angry condemnation, deep sorrow and desperate appeals, but also poems of joy and, improbably, humor, as poets reach back to childhoods, to memories of discovery and freedom while roaming the woods. Their poems ask us to remember our own innocence and wonder, to reflect and change.

    —Bart White, co-editor

So it seems we are increasingly called to be citizens of the Earth itself... Here we have assembled poets from all over the world... Responses to crisis best come ... from the deep humanity of each of us, a humanity that at last knows it is completely at one with all life, careful of the fortunes of the least. We hope this collection contributes to that.     

—Dwain Wilder, co-editor

Civilization in Crisis




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