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This book is for the heartbroken and grieving. I see you.“let’s… sit close with gentleness and compassion to heal our grieving hearts together …”

the enormity of it all


one moment this morning

deep in the woods

fear joined doubt to form sobs in my chest

which heaved heavily with breath and cries

under a canopy of trees

at the water's edge

on the path

bone rattling sobs choked out

until the vines sprang from the undergrowth

circled wrists

looped around shoulders

harnessed waist

and guided me above the soft earth

along the path

escorted by a rabbit

waiting for me to catch up before hopping ahead

a redwing blackbird a-top the reeds

three robins flew by my side

as a blood red cardinal waited for me at the bridge

in the woods

the fox looked my way as I floated

above the path

supported by trees

as the sun warmed my heart

honeysuckle sweetened the air

helicopter seeds twirled from the sky like a windy winter snowfall

and the bullfrogs sang songs

to the goslings

around and around the pond we traveled


I left the sobs behind


Kelly Bradley is a tech writer and Sr. Product Manager in the Washington DC area where she writes stories and creates apps based on data. She wrote her first poem in Second grade, a requiem to her cat, Petey. Her first collection, “love, loss and the enormity of it all” addresses themes of grief, joy, love, heartbreak and perseverance. When not working or writing poetry, Kelly writes songs and rap lyrics, dances to electronic dance music, and hikes year-round with her dog, Winter.

love, loss and the enormity of it all

is a 68 page hand-stitched paperbook with spine - $16.00

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love, loss




love, loss




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love, loss

and the enormity

of it all

kelly catharine bradley

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Follow Kelly on social media @kellycbradley (Instagram, Twitter and Tik Tok) and visit her website for news about additional creative readings in lieu of a book launch party during this pandemic.