Flight Path explores what it means to be temporary in an unpredictable but seemingly infinite landscape where people, birds, and trains only stop moving when they are dead. In this largely autobiographical collection, Becca celebrates resilience and challenges the notion that time is a linear function by examining the ways in which grief framed her childhood and how those experiences continue to resurface in different forms to challenge but also guide her as an adult.

From the book:


Tell me about the time in Roanoke I swung

my legs over the railway bridge

and tiny slivers found themselves

buried in my skin like when

I stared at the wing of the plane

4 days later and kept seeing you shrinking

from my view all tangled

in the fence like some desperate

trapped animal

and I cried then

tell me about camera obscura, how

through a hole in the wall you can

capture someone else’s life upside down

and make it right again like when

we fumbled in the dark room

trying to turn the negatives we’d collected

into something we could


tell me about state lines and

King’s Dominion and how

being upside down and screaming

in the dark was alright somehow, for a minute

and I will tell you how long it takes

to rinse the salt from my clothes

to return to thin air and frost mornings

after living for days at sea level

with my lungs entirely too full of

breath and possibility and I will

tell you that I rinse and rinse and

still there’s enough salt left over to float

me up when I am sinking,

to keep the ghosts away.

Author’s Bio

Becca Carson lives in Missoula, MT with her wife Cori, their kids, and their cats and dogs. This is her first book. Becca competes in the occasional poetry slam and has published one non-fiction piece in Mamalode magazine, but most of her time is spent in the classroom at Big Sky High School where she teaches English and introductory creative writing in addition to two upper level creative writing courses better known collectively as the Aerie Magazine Program, which publish two student produced literary arts magazines annually. When Becca isn’t teaching she is probably creating something or exploring. She is governed by insatiable curiosity.

Flight Path

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Flight Path




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Flight Path

Becca Carson

The fifth release in the Montana Poets Series #3, Craig Czury, Editor.