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Part 12

New Palestine, OH to Coudersport, PA

Aug. 5, 2004, 9:20 PM, EDT
Conversation with Winnie

Hi!  I thought about getting a motel room tonight, but then
I saw a National Forest Service campground- Buckaloong- and
I just had to set up one more time (tomorrow night Iíll be
at the house of friends and then Iím home) so this was my
last chance.  Itís near Warren, PA in Warren County in the
heart of the Alleghenies.   Iím really psyched to be here.
 Thereís only one other camper in the primitive area.
Everyone else is in the RV section.  There are fewer RVís
here.  Out West, there were so many around the monuments and
scenic byways, and they were humungous (tour bus size)!
Here in the East theyíre smaller- more pop-ups pulled by

Last night I stayed in Pymatunung State Park.  Itís a
reservoir on the PA-Ohio border.  That one and this one both
have hot showers.  Yesterday I rode 6 hours in the rain.  It
was horrible.  It was all through NE Ohio Amish country
around Hiram and Parkman.

Today, I had a 20 mph cross and head wind (out of the N) as
I traveled NE and E today.  It was chilly.  I wore two
jerseys all day. I want to crawl in my sleeping bag with
everything on itís so cold.  Right now I have every stitch
of clothes with me on, including the fleece jacket Pat lent
me.  [Note from Winnie: Thanks, Pat! I was worried all day
about him in this cold, knowing he sent most of his warm
clothes home with me from Missouri, and the rest he mailed
home from Bloomington.  Who would have thought itíd be
this cold in August!]

I had another rodent in camp last night.  I think it was a
raccoon.  Pat and Karin made pancakes for breakfast and then
made peanut butter and honey sandwiches with the leftovers
for my snack.  I forgot about the bag they packed my
sandwiches in, and left it in my panniers.  I think it must
have been after that.  Tonight Iím hanging everything,
even my toothpaste.  This is bear country.

I almost donít need maps here.  PENN-DOT (PA Dept of
Transpo) put up new signs markers for the bike route.  They
tell you when a turn is coming, at the turn and after the
turn so you know if you turned in the right place.  They
seem bigger than the bike 17 signs in southern NY.
Thereís also lots of ďshare the roadĒ signs, wide
shoulders.  I bet they swept the roads recently, itís very
clean, hardly any debris.

I went 85 miles yesterday and today. Tomorrow Iíll do 95
to Jeff and Barbís.  Theyíre expecting me in the
evening.  The terrain has been ok, some tough spots, it
could have been worse.  I went through some beautiful
wetlands.  And despite the crosswind, the sun was nice

Tomorrow, Iíll be in Nation Forest Land.  It should be
pretty.  Saturday will be spectacular going through
Greenwood- the wetland there is incredible.  Itís worth a
drive between Whiteville and Greenwood just to see it.
Iíve rode that route before, although itís hard to tell
how long it will take, since last time I had a 25 mph
tailwind.  Iíll come up Knight Settlement to Kanona.  I
think Iíll be home around 7 PM.  Then again, I may stop
for a pizza along the way.

Itís almost over.  Itís been a long time on the road.
It will be good to be home.  I canít believe all the
places Iíve been- all the miles Iíve been covering.  I
canít believe how wiped out I was at Pat and Karinís.  I
ate such good food there and it cured me, I craved salty
foods and ate so much.

Iím tired, so I best be getting to bed.  Iíd like to
take ahot shower, but I think Iím even too tired for that.