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Summer Songs

An Anthology  
from The Third Annual Gell Center
Summer Poetry Festival


In 2002, Pat Schwartz was brainstorming with Writers & Books staff person,  Kathy Pottetti,  about courses, programs, or other events that might draw more attention to the Gell Center.  Pat suggested a  poetry festival where local writers could dispel the myth of poetry being an obtuse cerebral activity enjoyed solely by academics.  Her concept was to have a forum where poetry could be performed with energy, enthusiasm, and healing, while allowing participants to enjoy the inspiring summer  environment of the Bristol Hills.  Kathy suggested adding folk music.

Thus, the First Annual Summer Gell Center Poetry and Music Festival was born.  Regional poets and folk musicians gathered together in the Gleason Lodge for an all-day affair that July.

After the first year, flutes, guitars, and drums were set aside in order to focus more attention on the music of poetry. And for the next two years, the event became simply the Annual Summer Gell Center Poetry Festival.

The festival has now become a much anticipated summer tradition where poets from as far away as Syracuse gather in the Bristol hills to enjoy the beauty of the Finger Lakes' countryside while celebrating each other's poetry.  Not only an opportunity for both new and well-known poets to share their latest work, the festival has become an ideal occasion for  networking, visiting old friends, meeting new artists, and experiencing other  poetic voices

This collection is a sampling of the poems read at the 2004  Festival.  It was written by published and non-published poets, academics, retirees, doctors, housecleaners, booksellers, counselors, herbalists, equestrians, and more.  All are ordinary and extraordinary people.  The authors of  Summer Songs show the diversity of  form, subject matter, and voice of the  talented poets who gather at this annual literary event.

 Donna M. Marbach  & Patricia Roth Schwartz

The Poets

Omanii Abdullah
Linda  Allardt
Anita J. Augesen
Ron Bailey
Joy Bennett
Louise Bennett
Ralph Black
Nancy Caronia
Michael Czarnecki
Lorrie D. Divers
Virginia Elson
Vincent F.A. Golphin
Dee Dee Hogan
Pat Janus
Frank Judge
Jennifer Kehoe
Ruth Kennedy
Gary Lehmann
Gary Lisman
Donna M. Marbach
Wynne McClure
David Michael Nixon
Colleen Powderly
Margaret Sangree
Wanda Schubmehl
Patricia Roth Schwartz
Ed Scutt
Suzanne Slack
Claudia M. Stanek
Dave Tilley

Summer Songs is a 40 page  hand-sewn chapbook.

ISBN 0-941053-37-7

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