o b e e d ú i d ~
T e l l u r i c  V o i c e s
o b e e d ú i d ~

"Telluric Voices" is a cycle of 21 poems plus epilogue that follows the poet through the seasons over the course of one year in poetic time. It was inspired by the earth energy of his home in the Helderberg Mountains of New York State.

From the book:

Otàwâwîck nawan:
(Interior spiritual voice)

You came to this place
for the quiet

The sound of leaves
rolling across field

The glaring light
of morning

When geese honk
south overhead westerly

The ghostly whispering stream
that never pauses

The veils of mist
as light rain obscures the hills

The sounds that travel
in silence

In this held moment
This waiting

The thing that brought you here
is quiet

The quiet
of deep memory

The folding
into god.

obeedúid~ lives loudly in the sleepy little village of Clarksville N.Y. with his two children and poetically challenged pets.
T e l l u r i c  V o i c e s is a 56 page hand-stitched paperbook with spine.   $15.00

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