Martha Deed

Climate Change
Martha Deed

In memory of my daughter and writing partner
Millie Niss (1973-2009)
and with gratitude to my husband
David Suckow

From the book:

Furtive Concert

to hear music in a crowd
clarinets clamoring
trumpets trumpeting
how to make the music sing
above the babble of political argument
academic theorists raining theories
on the man with the carrot nose
sitting alone on a bench
by a sea swarming with hungry dolphins
waiting to attack brown pelicans
descending in the wind

Coyotes (not a metaphor)

Coyotes (not a metaphor)
are haunting the streets of my city at night
chewing on latecomers to the table
in front of my house
on Zimmerman Street nearby
and even at the old Wurlitzer Tower
which should be a national historic site
but isn't. These coyotes are not
politicians or talk show hosts
ceo's, bankers or drug company execs,
and they are less friendly than a rabid fox.
They are not jackals after our wallets
like those other guys. They do not tell us
how to live our lives. They have no
political affiliation when they dig their teeth
into our flesh. They are simply furry,
four-legged, predators and they want
to feed their families at our expense.
They are coyotes (not a metaphor).

Martha Deed is a retired Psychologist who has a lifelong habit of writing in a variety of literary and professional settings.  Her publication credits include juried professional papers in psychology, law and medicine as well as new media work often in collaboration with her daughter, Millie Niss; opinion and investigative pieces for newspapers and online venues such as KevinMD and Yale Journal for the Humanities in Medicine, and poetry.

Martha's poetry has been published in dozens of journals and appears in anthologies published by Iowa, Mayapple, Red Hen and others.  Single poems and small collections appear in Shampoo, Moria, CLWN WR, Cell2Soul, Edifice Wrecked, Big Bridge, Earth's Daughters and many others.

She has published mixed media (poetry, photography, prose) in two previous books:  The Last Collaboration (Furtherfield, 2012) and Intersections: A Twenty-day Journal of the Unexpected (Library of Marvels, 2006).  Previous poetry collections include The Lost Shoe, November 2010 Project, This is Visual Poetry (Dan Waber imprints, 2010-2011), 65 x65 (small chapbook project, 2006) and #9 (Furniture Press, 2004).

Martha curated and edited a post-humous poetry collection for her daughter Millie Niss's: City Bird (BlazeVox, 2010).

Photo by Richard Wicka

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