Rebecca Knotts
Lunar Gypsy
Rebecca Knotts
Montana Poets Series 2 #5

Cover art by Beth Brillhart.

Illustrations by Tiffany Carpenter

In this book-length poem, Lunar Gypsy, Rebecca Knotts weaves a narrative from the finely spun and rare threads of the folkloric, the erotic, and the sacred. The tensile strength of this narrative is otherworldly, lyrically taut and resonant, sounding flawless and enchanting notes.  One will be reminded of the Bible's Song of Songs, H. D.'s A Tribute to Angels, and Odysseas Elytis' The Little Mariner, which is to say one will be in awe and wonder in the face of the poem's sublime gorgeousness. I admire the ambition, the care, and the confidence of this debut poet and look forward for the next and the next book.

Eric Pankey, author of The Pear As One Example:
New and Selected Poems 1984-2008

Reader beware! Lunar Gypsy is an intoxicating potion of creaturely rhythms and diaphanous eroticism. With a rare and haunting lyrical power, Rebecca Knotts steals her readers away on a remarkable journey into darkling territories once familiar to all poets but long-since forsaken by most. Her words convey us to that marvelous, dream-dim strand between waking and dreaming, where nature is more than it seems and lovers are as likely to prove demons as they are angels. Forget the Celtic Twilight; Lunar Gypsy heralds a Celtic Dawn.

John P. O'Grady, author of Grave Goods: Essays of a Peculiar Nature
and Pilgrims to the Wild

Among the somnambulist waves and 'salt-thirst' of Rebecca Knotts' Lunar Gypsy your body will surely reawaken too, as it is carried on a wild current of ancient story and myth retold within the lines of her mesmerizing lapping verse. Held on her waves in dream-like interjections, I could not put this book down and neither will you. An enchantment, a summoning and incantation of 'wings fluttering light' of 'feather-ships' and sirens 'of paper-ship and storm' will also certainly rivet your own desirous selkie skin and spirit as Knotts' tangled-honey sea waves speak the love she finds there in Roan, the sea.

Susana Gardner, Editor, Dusie Press, and author of
Herso: An Heirship of Waves

For the enchantment of songs, stories, & prayers.
For faeries, faith, & teaspoons of beauty.


my mother,
Donna Maria O'Connell

who spoke to me in the language of magick,
long before I was born.


Rebecca Knotts is a whispering of waves, a whispering unveiled and wild. She walks ravished by the sounds adrift in feather down, offering her roses to the sea stirring the air, the chimney stars, dancing gull wind.

Lunar Gypsy murmers bird-like melodies, desire winged and strummed in a winter sky-unravelled as tattered lace on a faded, red silk hat.

I had to develop a language to describe loving you.
the language of passion known only to the winter moon

Her voice is the voice of the sea - a shell's murmur of waves breaking, the
barefoot song of poetry echoing as far as her gypsy wayfaring dream. Rowing across
Rebecca's sea of lovers aflame, the garlands tossed to you from her passion will pull
you in.

Craig Czury, Editor, Montana Poets Series 2
Reading, PA

Montana Poets Series 2 #5
Lunar Gypsy is an 80 page hand-stitched paper book with spine.   $16.00

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