Touch Each Other


Touch Each Other explores the eros spirit from before birth to after death,
from inside the womb and outside during the arc of life and love and
beyond death into endless beyond.  These poems touch on pregnancy, birth,
motherhood, love, and freedom from the maya of human sphere, while also
touching on aging, death and the dream of rebirth.  

Here are poems where human genitals are dramatis personae touched by
their own poignant majesty and mortality, where death and love come
together in a visionary orgasm at last and the wind whispers softly to every
ear "Touch each other."  Here are poems that may touch you like a mother,
a lover, a friend, and the starry night sky.   

" of Whitman's 'poets and orators to come'."
--Allen Ginsberg
"Antler's Selected Poems deserves a place on the poetry
shelf between Allen Ginsberg and Gary Snyder."
--Lawrence Ferlinghetti
"Antler writes with a clear focus in a vernacular mode
dealing straight-on and first-hand with the actualities of
American and planetary life.  He's one of the half-dozen
or so truly committed wilderness poets in American letters."  
                                                                    --Gary Snyder  

Antler is author of Factory (City Lights), Last Words (Ballantine),
Ever-Expanding Wilderness (Howling Dog), Subterranean Rivlulet
(Falling Tree), A Second Before It Bursts (Woodland Pattern),
Exclamation Points Ad Infinitum! (Centennial Press), Learning the
Constellations (Backwoods Chaplet), Open Bible With a Gun On It
(Alpha Beat Press), and Antler: The Selected Poems (Soft Skull).  
His work also appears in many anthologies, including Earth Prayers;
Poets Against the War; An Eye For an Eye Makes the Whole World
Blind: Poets on 9/11; City Lights Pocket Poets Anthology; Reclaiming
the Heartland: Lesbian & Gay Voices from the Midwest; Erotic by
Nature; First Person Sexual; Wild Song: Poems from Wilderness;
Comeback Wolves: Welcoming the Wolf Home and In the Spirit of
T'ao Ch'ien.  Winner of the Walt Whitman Award from the
Whitman Association in Camden NJ and the Witter Bynner
Prize from the American Academy and Institute of Arts and
Letters in NYC, he was chosen Milwaukee Poet Laureate 2002-04.  
When not wildernessing or traveling to perform his poems, he
 lives beside a wild stretch of the Milwaukee River in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  

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