Judian James

Cover Art by  David C. Shepard

(Jude's previous release Levitate)

From the book:


He takes his cello
in his arms and gently
plays for me.

Seduced within
his music's charms,
in symphony
my memories swirl.

I'm disarmed completely.
Around me,
melody swarms, rewinding
my musical history,
reminding me magically
that when fully embraced,
I'm content beautifully,
as my senses are set free
by his instrument.

His bow glides,
with each note lent to
rise and ride
to my ears now bent
to consume each tune
in reverie.

I quiver, shivering
as I can see
that my life
is in perfect harmony

he plays for me.


With thoughts of colored words to resonate
My pen is held as artist might a brush
Each mental image I appreciate
Then stroke my painted words to pierce the hush

My pen and several pads the tools I know
With thoughts of colored words to resonate
My canvas, simple paper, showing flow
As words paint scenes like artists would create

There is no time for me to hesitate
As treasured pen works same as brush does stroke
With thoughts of colored words to resonate
I face my task consumed as I evoke

My mind's interpretation, painted sets
From constant swirls of life originate
Each piece within mind's studio begets
With thoughts of colored words to resonate

Judian James lives to mold words; smart, sly, wry words, conveying finely crafted pictures of life and lives, as her senses dictate.  A morning person, she greets each day with childlike enthusiasm, bringing to her writing all of the freshness of dawn.  Married to her hero for many years, she and her husband still live in the home they bought as newlyweds in the coastal Maine village where they raised three sons.  This is Judian's second book.

is an 88 page hand-stitched paper book with spine - $16.00

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Cover Art by James Stephen Zoller

From the book:


Our very essence is in
Our words

Spoken or otherwise
Written or implied
It is in one's voice
That the soul
Is set free
Rendering us visible
In a most complex world

We are blessed
With words
To speak, to
Write, to read and
To share

With utmost care
And an open heart

We string another pearl

is a 40 page hand-stitched  chapbook.

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