Directions to Wheeler Hill

Links for Google Maps directions to Wheeler Hill:

from south, Rt 53 and Kanona

from north Rt 53 and Prattsburgh

Below are a series of Maps that will help you
get to the Czarnecki Homestead on Wheeler Hill.

1. The Region

We're about seven miles from Exit 37 on I-86.
If you are coming down I-390 from the north you would stay straight ahead
where I-390 ends, going East on I-86 to the VERY FIRST exit, 37.

From East or West on I-86 just take Exit 37

2. A Closer View

This Map is a little off. Exit 37, Kanona, is actually right onto NY Rt. 53.

If you come from I-86, go North on NY 53 for about 4 miles (Green on map). You'll come to the crossroads of Wheeler where the speed limit drops to 45 mph. Just after the speed limit goes back up to 55 mph there will be a
road to the left, County RT 8, or the Avoca-Wheeler Rd. Turn on that (pink on map) and go uphill for about 2 miles, ignoring the two dirt roads to the right. More info below. (See #4)

If you're coming down through Prattsburgh on Rt. 53, you'll come to County Route 8 about 6 or so miles from P'burgh. It'll be on your right, just a little ways beyond County Route 13 which will be a road to the left.

3. From Branchport and the north and west.

If you come from the northwest you'll probably go through Penn Yan. From Penn Yan take NY RT 54A to Branchport. At the light in Branchport go straight, uphill on Yates County Route 32. Rt 54A turns to the left at the light. Don't go that way. Stay on County Rt 32 as it passes the Blue Eagle Tavern. It will curve to the left. There are a few other roads at that area. Just stay on 32, don't take any turn offs.

County Rt. 32 turns into Steuben County Route 122 (Just a name change, same road) and gets you into Prattsburgh. In Prattsburgh, take NY 53 south to County Route 8. (See above.)

4. Wheeler Hill

County Route 8 goes uphill all the way to our road, Ridge Road. It's about 2 miles and you stay on the paved road, do not make any turn-offs till you get to Ridge Road. Where County Route 8 makes the second left hand turn you turn right on Ridge. If you continue oin County 8 you will start to go downhill, a sure sign you've gone too far. On Ridge Road, go past the first road to the left, Wagner Hill, go by the house on the left and just beyond the windmill on the left is our lane on the right. There is a big black mailbox on the left (5858 Ridge Road, on the other side of box) and a little before our drive on the right. We are about a third of a mile in. The drive is unimproved, muddy if wet. Perfectly driveable if dry, just go slow! Drive at your own risk! If hesitant the safest thing is to walk on in. Great views, good exercise and a nice way to approach the house.

If you park on the road, park on the east side, the side bordering our property. Better to not have cars parked on both sides of the road.

If you need more directions than what's on this page
call us at (607) 566-3881 or email me.

See you when you get here!