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Night Traveler


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M.J. Iuppa lives in Hamlin, NY, near the shores of Lake Ontario.
She is the Writer-in-Residence at St.John Fisher College
and curates the Genesee Reading Series at Writers & Books, Rochester, NY.

Night Traveler (2003)

Night Traveler is a fresh dance of imagination and reality, demonstrating again that neither is whole without the other. These poems are exquisite in their delicacy, like a butterfly balanced on the lip of a wineglass. A gifted descendent of Emily Dickinson, and with an equally sturdy sense of irony, M.J. Iuppa makes her lines crackle with honesty, insight and lyric verve.  For all the richness and variety, there's not a wasted word.  Each poem contains surprises that bring us back to our world and ourselves.  Each offers a clarification of our vivid senses, our complicated hearts.
--Stan Sanvel Rubin
Director,  Rainier Writing Workshop
Low Residency MFA Program
Past director,  SUNY Brockport Writers Forum

In Night Traveler, M.J. Iuppa looks at how we negotiate the entanglements of responsibility and desire.  Season by season, human time is folded into the larger trajectory of the universe.  "I remember seeing / from both sides"-the method of these imaginative, mercurial poems is juxtaposition; the effect is double exposure.  "Grief is milkweed," Iuppa states, and the images compound: an aging father, a lone traffic signal, fields of green corn, the sound of moving water, snow in the orchard, the spider's sinister silken web, two silver balloons on the back of a bicyclist "on the road built to go nowhere," a toppled tree and the shadow it has fallen into, a woman's dream of finding her way home, all become something we, too, must learn to touch and then reluctantly release.
                                       --Judith Kitchen
Essayist, novelist, and critic.

From the book:

Early Morning

In the wide yard of an abandoned farmstead,
a giant fir tree has collapsed-

fallen in the place of its shadow, lying broken
and stiff, its roots exposing the sore

mouth that's unable to speak-
I've been driving since the night before,
wheeling down mountain roads, seeing woods
and small towns repeat in the thrum of wind

and tire, and I am tired, coming closer
I stop, stop for a long time, look hard at

the giant fir, at the abandoned house, at
the wind-whipped yard, and wonder what life was

before shadows left country roads,
before nights became vacant space

and the house turned out its lights and only a tree
was left to stand against the odds of falling down.

Night Traveler is an 80 page paperback, hand-sewn, with flat spine - $14.00

ISBN:  0-941053-15-6

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 Temptations (2001)


From the book:


There isn't a vague shape
or disturbance in sleep.
There isn't the sudden
jump of feet- the single arm
flopping off the edge-
the crackling in the ear's
cul de sac.

Ten years counting ribs-
our leaning into each other's body,
your hand upon my breast
is fluent like the shape of vowels
Saying this, every morning
I'm still curious.

Temptations is a 24 page hand-sewn chapbook - $6.00

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