The Palm of the Hand Memoir Method is best conveyed through a series of workshops. A typical series would entail three or four workshops that are held weekly or every other week. The length of each workshop is two hours.
In a series, the method is presented in the first workshop and then follow-up sessions are used for sharing and commenting on Palm of the Hand Memoirs that participants have written between classes. Palm of the Hand Memoirs are NOT written in the workshops themselves. I feel the two hours are more valuable for sharing and commenting rather than writing.
Having facilitated scores of these workshops, I have seen how successful they have been. The discussion about the method and the generating of specific memories in the first session sets the stage for the writing that will be done between sessions. Then the sharing and commentary in subsequent workshops helps build confidence in the participants to be able to write on their own after the workshop series concludes.
I also encourage workshop attendees to keep meeting after my part in the process is finished. Numerous groups around the country are meeting regularly on their own, continued to write and share their PoH memoirs, continued to inspire and encourage each other.
If a series of workshops can't be arranged, a one-time workshop is still beneficial for presenting the idea, generating specific memories to write about and sharing an example of a PoH Memoir. I have conducted a number of single workshops and definitely feel they are worthwhile. But, without the follow-up sessions, participants need to be self-motivated to actually write their own memoirs.