Dane Gordon
The Wound
of Faith
Dane R. Gordon

The Wound of Faith is a powerful meditation on the challenges of and to faith.  It is deeply philosophical and movingly personal at the same time....   Emotionally and intellectually, this is a far-ranging collection of poems, some sweet, some heart-breaking, some very abstract.  I believe it's a book that readers will want to read through, rather than pick up and dip into.

 Dr. Anne Coon, emeritus professor of English Literature,
College of Liberal Arts, Rochester Institute of Technology

From the book:

After Due Time

"After due time,"
Walt Whitman wrote
to a grieving mother,
"the meaning appears
to the soul."
We wait for the appearance.
We call for the faith
that can enable us
to do so.
We call for what
we cannot create
or control,
an assurance that comes,
we know not from whence,
yet leaves us,
we know not why
or for where.

Apart From Vision

Sight that sees apart
from vision
tells me what the
evidence of my life
teaches is not
A bird drawn by
instinct crosses
oceans and continents.
We are drawn by
something to cross a
kind of infinity
and find ourselves
flying there with wings
that are not our own.

Born in London, England, Dane Gordon served in the Royal Navy during World War II.  He has degrees in history, theology, and philosophy from Cambridge and London Universities in England and the University of Rochester in the USA.  He is an emeritus professor of philosophy from Rochester Institute of Technology and a retired Presbyterian minister.  His most recent poetry publications are St. Petersburg: Poems (FootHills Publishing, 2007) and The Logic of Death (FootHills Publishing, 2009)

The Wound of Faith
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The Logic
of Death
Poems of War

Dane Gordon

Author's Note

These poems attempt to portray the hidden life of war: small incidents often not noticed in longer accounts.

However technological war may be, it is not fought between technologies. War is between people. I remember watching a television news report of an attacking force shelling a town. Little puffs of smoke rose above the houses where the shells exploded. They looked almost harmless, but wherever a shell exploded it destroyed a home and often the family who lived there. The bland reporting that accompanied the footage was painful to watch.

From the book:

The Logic of Death

When the battle is over
and the field is still
the differences between
those who lie there
are reduced to quiet

They lie (we say) in
That is what they
fought for.
But could it have been
other than by death?
When we ask them
they don't answer.
They are dead.
We are alive.
We can ask ourselves,
perhaps even answer.

But enmeshed in our
self-conflicted life
we do not know.
Could we,
could we leap forward
to the peace of
and bring it back?
Could we carry it in
our arms
like a white figure,
and place it gently
at the heart of
our life?
Then we might live
as if our animosities
were over.
Then we might be
at peace.
Or is the logic of
death the only way
to find what eludes
us in the illogic
of life?

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Dane R. Gordon
Saint Petersburg

From the Book:


The man at the vegetable
stall in the market
laughed so hard at my
clumsy Russian, when
I bought a kilo of
potatoes on my way
home, that he gave
me a five hundred
ruble note in change
for a hundred.
When I gave it back
he stopped laughing.

Saint Petersburg
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