Peggy Miller
Sciences of Silence
Peggy Miller

From the book:


I count in the cells
of my finger
the teeming mitochondria
that trace by sequence
all the mothers of time.


Tuesday morning I pour milk
in my tea,
watch the pattern of milk fat
roll out geologic events:

curve of new rivers,     
push of clouds across a thin
scrape of glaciers crumbling

It goes on-
continent crashes against
suns spark, rogue planets

and galaxies collide-
until I sip it all away in
a warm uniting of sustenance
and body.

Peggy Miller is a poet.  She has an MFA in creative writing from American University.  She serves as one of the editors of the Comstock Review, a longstanding poetry journal.  Peggy leads poetry workshops.  She has published 3 chapbooks and two full length collections,  What the Blood Knows and Stone Being.  Peggy was a research assistant working in biochemistry for the USDA.  Her poetry is often inspired by the sciences, the fascination evoked thereof, the transcendent spirit in everyday lives.

Sciences of Silence is an 84 page hand-sewn paperbook with spine - $16.00.


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