Karen Alpha

After what seems a lifetime in the short story I've somehow slipped in the back door of poetry and found a soft chair.  I may stay for a while.

A current of water runs through these poems as it does me, I discover.  Sometimes I think I may not have entirely evolved from those first creatures who crawled up onto the beach.  Reliable haven, a source of constant ease, bodies of water draw me home.  Sea, lake, river, pool, brook.  Like poetry, a world to enter -to dive into - for its joy, its consolation.
                                        Karen Alpha

From the book:

Lakeshore With Dog

Sometimes it's only light that matters
low sun streaming into your retina
Recently there was storming but now
near sunset, clouds blow clear
Clean this new fresh air
until you can't stop breathing
in, breathe it in - a cold drug
like they shoot up your arm
in the operating room

Sometimes it's the color that makes your eyes water
when sky turns indigo through trees
hills violet, lake purple and green
white clouds every color but white
With your back to the afternoon sun
you only want to run into color
your feet never touch forest's bright thatch
you think you're looking at art
your ears and tail fly back and your skin
glows like the iridescent bark of birch trees

Originally from Pittsburgh, Karen Alpha soon relocated to northern New York where she received a BA from St. Lawrence University.  After a stint in Cincinnati she and her family eventually settled in New York's southern Finger Lakes region.  She has been a librarian, social worker, antiques dealer, fitness instructor, college English instructor, ESL teacher and lifeguard, most of which she still is.  As a writer-in-residence in local schools, she directs the Short Story Project for students.

Karen's own award-winning short stories have been appearing in literary journals and magazines for decades.  Most recently she has been delighted to place poems in several anthologies, among them Knocking on the Silence: An Anthology of Poetry Inspired by the Finger Lakes and Listening to Water: The Susquehanna Watershed Anthology.

All The Blue In The World is her first collection of poems.

All the Blue in the World
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