April 17 Reading
(Schedule and note from organizer John Roche)

 Michael would like to make the FootHills Celebration a benefit for the  12th Annual Helen Rubar Memorial Peace Scholarship (One student each from Haverling HS Bath, NY and Hammondsport, HS, a charity sponsored by the Bath Peace & Justice Group and the Peace Weavers). As most of you know, Michael and Carolyn have held a reading in Bath each May for quite a few years now in support of this Peace Scholarship. We won’t be charging admission, but will pass the coffee jar.


Dante’s Books, 109 Main Street, Geneseo
2:00 Introductions (Soren and John)
2:10 Michael Czarnecki
2:20 Eugene Stelzig
2:27 Anne Coon
2:34 Claudia Stanek
2:41 Jason Crane
2:48 David Michael Nixon
2:55 Donna Marbach
3:02 Dave Tilley
3:09 Kitty Jospe
3:16 Martha Deed
3:23 Catherine Faurot
3:30 Andy Doyle

Adjourn to Idle Hour, 5 Center Street, Geneseo
3:45 Music by JC and Levi Mothersell of the Jack Swift Band
4:15 John Roche
4:22 Paulette Swartzfager
4:29 Susan Deer Cloud
4:36 Monty Campbell
4:43 Alan Casline
4:50 Steve Lewandowski
4:57 Music by Jeremy Bittle and Soren Thomas
5:30 Gary Lehmann
5:37 Frank Judge
5:42 Dwain Wilder
5:49 Gerald Schwartz
5:56 Bruce Sweet
6 pm Music by Grayson Czarnecki (and final poem by Michael)