Alan Casline
Thirty Poems
Alan Casline

From the book:


Barely clearing Adirondack peaks,
the clouds sit waiting.
None big enough
to cover the sky
Some are slow moving
stop-action photos
of flowers opening.
One before me
motionless on
a great brooding hill.   
A dark cloud throwing up
troubled thoughts.
Others white sunlit  
cloud colors
showed their pleasures
in bright greeting.
Small clouds laid
over part of a green hill,
half-hid by the next narrow valley.
Raining on the car
with sun shining
at the same time,
then blue sky
driven into.
Wet road, dry road,
brilliant white clouds
with sunlight on them,
grey black storm clouds
with rising wind
blackened the day.
This weather is too small
to hang your hat on.
                         June 22, 2007


The tea pot handle
to grab hold
move hot tea without harm,
bow to the one served.

Not the world
rather your own conduct
draws good or evil.

                             January 30, 2008

Alan Casline is an American poet, editor, and small press publisher. He was born in Fort Johnson, New York in 1951 and attended St. Lawrence University and SUNY-Albany.  As an undergraduate at St. Lawrence University he was poetry editor of Laurentian (1973). He has published a number of collections of poetry and has written on watershed wisdom, folklife, natural history, sustainability, and local poetry. Beginning in 1975 in Canton, New York, he edited and published Rootdrinker, a long standing magazine of watershed poetics, art, and non-fiction. An early bio-regionalist, his Landsat satellite photo cover for Rootdrinker (1975) and his seminal and often reprinted essay “Farm as Ecology”(1977) contributed to the cultural and literary growth of bioregional and watershed groups throughout North America. He has published several volumes of poetry, including Birdsfoot (1985), Some Late Thursday Night Poems (2007) and Grandfather Carp (2009). His poetry appeared in the anthology River of Dreams: Poems from the St. Lawrence Valley (1990), edited by Albert Glover, as well as in numerous other magazines, anthologies and in varied forms electronically and in print.

He is director of Rootdrinker Institute, a membership based organization, which promotes rediscovery of the inspirations and creative visions of earlier artists and writers of each unique watershed. His Benevolent Bird Press has published a number of collections of poetry by other writers. In addition to Rootdrinker, he has edited and published Normanskill (2007) a watershed anthology and the creative folklore anthology The Annals of Perious Frink (2007).

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