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Bruce Bennett
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I Never Danced Wiih Mary Beth


“The muse, any muse, is not to be trifled with. Courting one's muse is serious business, and can end in heartbreak and disaster. Yet there may be splendors along the way, and at the conclusion of the journey one may find oneself changed, and in an altered place.”

From the book:


I'm writing this for you, but will you read it?
What does that matter anyway? You're gone.
I had your love. I needed it, and need it.
My love remains essential. It goes on.
Your presence is essential. I can feel it
here as I write. What difference if that's true?
My words confirm a presence here; reveal it.
We can commune. It might as well be you.
O lost and lovely, person I was led to
by who knows what odd quirk of chance or fate;
O special One my secret life is wed to
in ways I can't explain: Love, I will wait,
and write, and still be faithful, still renew
this trust, this bond. I'm writing this for you.

Bruce Bennett is the author of eight volumes of poetry and more than twenty poetry chapbooks. Visitation is his eighth FootHills release (see below). His collection of new and selected poems, NAVIGATING THE DISTANCES (Orchises Press), was named by Booklist "one of the top ten poetry books of 1999." He is Professor of English and Director of Creative Writing at Wells College in Aurora, New York, and "continues to explore his territory in and around his outpost on Cayuga Lake."

is a 36 page hand-stitched chapbook.

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Little Miss Darling is under Coyote's skin, and he knows he is not himself. He recognizes he must become Coyote again, and confront her. “No girl makes a fool/out of Coyote!”….

Bruce Bennett has followed the adventures, and misadventures, of Coyote since his first chapbook, COYOTE PAYS A CALL, published by Bits Press in 1980. He lives in prime Coyote territory on the east side of Cayuga Lake, where he teaches at Wells College.

From the book:


Coyote wasn't sure
about Little Miss Darling.

He went to her lair
when she wasn't at home.

There were wolf tracks around.

Next time he saw her
he studied her slyly.

She seemed too happy;
she was bright around the eyes.

He knew the signs.

She was watching him watching.

“Heard any wolves?”

She snuggled up closer.

“Oh, Coyote!”

She nuzzled his fur.

“You're always suspicious.
I love that about you.”

She gave him a kiss.

She was watching him watching.

He knew the signs.

She knew
he knew them.

“Now, what would Baby do
with a Big Old Wolf?”


When the moonlight glints and gleams
still she visits me in dreams:

Lips that whisper, eyes that shine
wholly loving, wholly mine

Soul of Beauty, wild, free
held a moment, lost to me

Lost, except in glints and gleams…

Still, I hold you fast in dreams….

Hand-stitched chapbook  - $7.00

ISBN 0-941053-94-6


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 Grief and Love  (2004)

GRIEF AND LOVE deals with irrevocable loss, but in a context of abiding love. Nor is all sorrow and suffering. There is courage, steadfastness, and humor; there is even, at times, a kind of tragic joy. Hope ultimately proves illusive, as we knew it must. We remain baffled. We may have tears in our eyes, but if we listen closely, we can hear the music that underlies everything, and we can still rejoice

This book is dedicated to Helen Landis Bennett

From the book:

For my mother,
November 30th, 2003

I take from here today
more than I leave behind.
The man I am, the way
I see and feel, my mind,

My heart: what was to be
was formed before I knew.
You're more than part of me,
and what I am is you.

Hand-stitched chapbook, 36 pages - $7.00

ISBN 0-941053-51-2

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 Funny Signals  (2003)


Not long ago, leafing through a collection of Herblock cartoons from the 1980's, I was struck by how little appears to have changed politically. Not only are many of the issues now what they were then; a number of the same people are saying - and doing - many of the same things.

FUNNY SIGNALS includes the complete text of the out-of-print 1989 FootHills Publishing chapbook, TO BE A HERON, which was dedicated to Ronald Reagan, "without whom many of these poems could not have been written." In the same spirit, FUNNY SIGNALS is dedicated to our current leader, George W. Bush.

Bruce Bennett
November, 2002

From the book:


    "The Enemy! Have you seen
the Enemy?"

    "I don't know. What's he
look like?"

    "He's huge. And he's
ferocious. And he'll stop
at nothing."

    "Hmmmm. But what's
he want?"

    "Want? Want?  He wants
to control everything! He
wants to rule the world!"

    "I see. But what will
you do when you find him?"

    "I'll tear him to bits.
I'll root him out. I'll make
it as if he never existed....
Well, have you seen him?"

    "I'm afraid so."



      "I'm getting some funny
signals from you," bleeped
a bat.

      "Not from me," another
bleeped back. "No funny
signals from me."

      The first swooped and soared.

      "Nope. There they are again.
Not from you."

      He dipped and veered to
his left.

      "Must be the new guy."

      He pivoted rapidly, glided
in close to the second bat, and
emitted a series of low beeps.

      "Best keep an ear on him
and tell everyone else. I'll alert
Central. I hear they're into some
pretty weird shit in that cave."

      Moral:  It doesn't take much
nowadays to be on the wrong

Funny Signals is a 72 page paperback, hand-sewn, with flat spine - $13.00

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 Hey, Diddle Diddle  (2001)

Hey, Diddle Diddle is a selection from one section of my ongoing manuscript, Animal Rites. Animal Rites consists of prose and rhyming fables that reflect, and reflect on, the gamut of human behavior. Major influences have been Aesop, Thurber, and La Fontaine, but ultimately what has impelled and inspired me is the fable form itself, which is as various and adaptable as its subject-matter.

From the book:


"I'm lonely," an amoeba said.
"There's no one in my life or bed.
This drop's as empty as can be!
I think I'll make another me,"

And split. Each half embraced the other
as soulmate, partner, friend, and brother,
twin selves to call each other clone
and neither anymore alone.

How fortunate those happy few
who find themselves both one and two!

Hand-stitched chapbook - $7.00

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 Garretman  (1999)

Hearthstone effects escape through Garretman. Garretman dreams of what never could be.
The two grapple and contend, except when one is absent; then, the other is inconsolable.  

"... there are such/entanglements!....
old enemy/old friend....
Exhausted/they lock arms."

From the book:


Hearthstone listens.
There is activity below.
They will want him for something.
He must mend his daughter's kite.
Fix his son's watch.
Haul water to the garden.
He braces himself.
His wife's clear syllables
already on the rise
will reach him
in seconds.
His resolve is firm
but there's no time to lose.
He mutters the magic words.
He becomes

Hand-stitched 16 page chapbook - $5.00

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 I Never Danced With Mary Beth  (1991)

From the book:


I never danced
with Mary Beth
whose lightest touch
would cause my death,

Whose merest glance
would drive me mad.
But oh, alone,
the times we had!

40 Page Chapbook - $4.50

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