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Listening to Water
The Susquehanna Watershed Anthology

Edited by Jennifer Hill-Kaucher and Dan Waber
Cover Art by Christine Goldbeck


We were sharing poems our favorite way, among friends, over beverages, within the slow swirl of an autumn breeze, at the dining room table, when Michael asked us if we'd be interested in editing an anthology for him and FootHills Publishing. Sure, we said, what sort of anthology? Michael went on to tell us how he thought it would be appropriate to put together an anthology of poems from the Susquehanna Watershed area, because that's what  FootHills' first book had been, almost 20 years ago. Who would dream of saying “no”?

In the process of putting together the collection you now hold in your hands we used several criteria. First, the poems selected had to strike us both as being excellent poems. Second, the excellent poems had to be emblematic of the anthology's area of focus, the Susquehanna Watershed. By “emblematic” we mean that they had to perform the dual function of making residents of the area say “yes, that's us all right” and allowing non-residents to say “oh, now I understand the region better.” Third, the excellent, emblematic poems had to blend organically with the other poems selected. We didn't want to assemble a collection that throbbed with flashpops of disconnected poems. We wanted to assemble a collection that flows, like the Susquehanna herself - an anthology that twists and winds its way, surely, into every aspect of the lives of the people of an entire region.

Here's to 20 years of FootHills Publishing, and here's to 20 more.

Dan Waber & Jennifer Hill-Kaucher


Karen Alpha
Darran Anderson
Richard Aston
Ron Bailey
Daniel Barbiero
Karen Blomain
Elizabeth Cohen
Steve Concert
Craig Czury
Todd Davis
Susan Deer Cloud
Joseph Farley
Lynn Fetterolf
Sheila Forsyth
Bo Frank
Christine Gelineau
Jules Gibbs
Christine Goldbeck
Howard Good
Peter D. Goodwin
Ray Greenblatt
JoAnne Growney
John Hutchinson
Helen Dendrinou Kolias
Peter Krok
Amy Laub
Susannah Loiselle
S.A. McLaughlin
Wynne McClure
Erin Murphy
Nancy Rekow
John Roche
Helen Ruggieri
Alexander Saliby
Gerald Schwartz
Joe St. Martin
Elaine Terranova
Heather Thomas
Kathleen Van Schiack
Paula Weld-Cary
Jerry Wemple




Listening to Water     
Creek II     
What a Stone Doesn't Know     
Natural Signs     
Earth Overcomes Wood     
A Kind of Susquehanna     
Sun on the River     
Passing Through The Alleghenies      
Under the Black Diamond Trestle      


What's Left      
Summer Song     
One Early Morning      
Three Tides     
Poem Written on the Surface
     of the Little Juniata     
Ant Massacre on Laurel Lane      
Firefly Mind      
paddling the Susquehanna      
Near Seacaucus, New Jersey      


Coming Home to York Pennsylvania      
talking land     
Sic Transit Gloria Mundi      
Blood Route      


Sink Boat in the Marshes      
Crossing Juniata Creek      
Women of St. Michael's      
Aunt Dot     
Slifer Family Photograph, 1867     
Nana's House      
Historical Calendar: Union County, PA      
Part of me Lies in a Broome
     County Cemetery     
The Rivers And The Seas      


The Potato Feast      
I'll Build a Steamboat     
Waiting for the Ferry    
Shikellamy At Shamokin     
Looking for Cornplanter's Grave     
The Aftermath of Agnes      


Talking with the Artists about
     the Seasons      
Breaking Ice     
November Ecstatically      
Spring Flood     
Sunbury, Pa., 1957     

Biographical Information on the Poets      

ISBN:  0-941053-97-X
Listening to Water
is a 100 page hand-sewn book with spine - $16.00



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