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In the Arms of Words: Poems for Tsunami Relief

Edited by Amy Ouzoonian
Cover art by Barbara Jernigan

All proceeds of this book go to the
     International Rescue Committee
          for relief and aid of
               Survivors of tsunami

Praise for In the Arms of Words: Poems for Tsunami Relief :

The poems in this anthology demonstrate how a magnitude of loss can release great sensitivity and awareness. This requiem becomes an opportunity for examinations, interpretations and transformations in startlingly effective ways.

           - Michael Hartnett, Poetry Editor for Confrontation

These poems speak eloquently of the sea's power to create and to destroy. Many poems here are quiet testimonials to survival, others roar: I am here!

  -Theresa Williams, author of The Secret of Hurricanes, a novel

In this collection, a wide variety of vivid, poetic voices speak to an unspeakable tragedy, while simultaneously offering readers much-needed insight into the volatile mysteries of human nature and Mother Nature.
- Janice Eidus, author, The Celibacy Club

An overwhelming event merits an overwhelming response. And we find it here in this gathering of voices that fills in the silence after a devastation left the world at a loss for words.
                 - Rigoberto González, author, Skin Preserve Us

Foreword by Fatima Shahnaz              

Law of the Ocean
     Karla Linn Merrifield                 
The Upside Down River
     Tad Wojnicki                   
January 1, 2005
     Brett Axel                   
     Jörgen Johansson                    
     Diane Ackerman                    
     David Oliveira                    
She Wrote
     Lois P. Jones                    
daughter sees blemish
     Ray Craig                         
     Shin Yu Pai                    
After the Wave, Another: Nam Jai
     Laurie Klein                    
So You Will Not Ask God Why
     Chelle Miko                    
The Visible Ones "Eat Leaves"
     Barbara Tomaine                    
Sensing Foreignness
     Mary Strong Jackson                    
ellipses in the carpet
     James Warner                    
Hollow Bones
     Renée Roehl                    
What You Will Believe
     Irene O'Garden                    
     Ameena Mayer                    
     Lucy Anderton                    
Swim (Plivam)
     Natasa Bozic Grojic                    
The Second, Vacation
     Frank Simone                    
     Naomi Shihab Nye                    
On the Path to Jericho
     Helen Losse                    
     Andrew Riutta                    
`City of the Sea'
     Fatima Shahnaz                    
Pain is God's Love
     Maria Alexander                    
     Gary Lehmann                    
     Katherine James                    
Walking Through Fallen Berries
     Tara L. Masih                    
     David Chorlton                    
     Steve Dalachinsky                    
By The Sky Rain Black Tears
(Del Cielo Llueven
     Lágrimas Negras)
     Iris Pérez Ulloa                   
     MaryJo Martin                    
The Great Quake of Sumatra, 2004
     Valery Oisteanu
Nam Jai
     Nick Carbo                    
Whatever the Sea
     Anjana Basu                    
the many  the few
     Marcielle Brandler                    
The Dark Continent
     Teresa White                    
Waterloo Village
     Patricia Roth Schwartz               
The Women Who Survived
     H.T. Harrison                    
     Aleda Shirley                    
      The Last Wave
     Michael Hillmer                    
These Bones Remember
     Anthony Russell White               
     Jason Sanford Brown                    
Praying to the Gods
     Thaddeus Rutkowski               
Beyond This Breath
     Victory Lee Schouten                    
Moving to Higher Ground
     Colette Jonopulos                    
The Wall of Water
     Lisa Ezzard                    
     Roberta Gould                    
The Slowly Disappearing Elephant in the Room
     Alan Semerdjian                    
Flooding Heaven
     Kirpal Gordon                    
Something for the New Year
     Donald Lev                    
You See How It Happened
     Laura Foley                    
     Scott Wiggerman  The Moon on the Tsunami
     Kate Gray                         
Gathering in the North Wind
     Patricia Wellingham-Jones               
Come Here. Take Heart
     Verandah Porche                    
     Carl Stilwell                    
total eclipse, new year: 2005
     Eve Packer                    
What's Left
     Taylor Graham                    
I've Come Down From the Peak
     Roger Aplon                    
Shadows of Melancholy
     Susan Norton                    
Wake Up, Little Sister
     Ruth Knafo Setton
     R.M. Engelhardt                    

The Orphans of Tangshan
     Colette Inez
On Water
     Rayn Roberts     aftermath
     Michaela A. Gabriel                    
A Dirge for Two-Hundred Thousand:
     For the Tsunami Victims, 2005
     Ravi Shankar                    
White Diamonds
     Prasenjit Maiti                    
In the Arms of Water
     Sharon Olinka                    
Disaster Relief
     John Gorman                    
Follow the Directions on Page 226
     Jennifer Hill-Kaucher                    
"Pass the Sugar"
     Gregory Miller                    
The Moon Will Claim Me
     Diane di Prima                    
While You Were Sleeping
     George Wallace                    
     Katherine Tracy                    
Bells for Mindfulness
     Thomas J. Baier                    
For You
     Craig Czury                    
Not Our Sea     
     Jennifer Browne                    
An Argument With Memory
     Marge Piercy                    
Kaira Peace
     Sung to Bob Holman by Papa Susso          
unholy waters
     Gerald Schwartz                    
It Was Apparent to the Orphans     
     Amy Ouzoonian                    
The Stream
     Dale Edmands                    
We Were On a Train and the Train Screeched
     Lyn Lifshin                    
     Selene Steese                    
     Juanito Escareal                    
Crying in My Heart
     Fofana M.L.                    
Basket of Figs
     Ellen Bass                    
     Denis Emorine
     translated by Pradip Choudhuri               
Excerpts from "Justice Because"
     Jesús Papoleto Meléndez               
Clear White Stream
     Marilyn Chin                    
Salomon Mercado
     Nancy Mercado                    

In the Arms of Words: Poems for Tsunami Relief

If you would like to purchase a copy of In the Arms of Words: Poems for Tsunami Relief
please read the information below and check which edition you would like to purchase.


Amy Ouzoonian, Editor

$30.00 Foothills publishing hand-sewn special limited print edition (numbered and
     signed by editor: Amy Ouzoonian -- regular price). To be released 6/28/05

$20.00 (contributors) Foothills publishing hand-sewn special limited print edition
                     numbered and signed by editor: Amy Ouzoonian. To be released 6/28/05

$16.00 Sherman Asher edition - to be released in August 2005

$10.00 (contributor's) Sherman Asher edition  - to be released in August 2005

$2.00 in shipping and handling.

A Gathering of the Tribes, Inc. has been kind enough to let me open an account to manage the funds for this project.
 They are a non-profit arts and multi-cultural organization located in the lower east side of Manhattan.  

When purchasing copies of the anthology, please make out checks to: A Gathering of the Tribes, Inc.
(and be sure to write "Tsunami Anthology" in the memo section of check.)  
Mail payments and copy of this order form printed out to:
Tsunami Anthology c/o A Gathering of the Tribes Tompkins Square Station PO Box 20693 New York, NY 10009
All proceeds (after the cost of production) will go to the International Rescue Committee.  
For more information, email the editor Amy Ouzoonian at